Winamp Skin: Expensive Hi-Fi

Winamp Skin: Expensive Hi-Fi

Expensive Hi-Fi

Skin type: Classic
Downloads: 116535
Skin author: Will Mooney

Winamp Skin "Expensive Hi-Fi" Notes


Q: The balance is working fine both ways, but why does the dial only swing to the right?
A: Because the animation is repeated either way you turn it (that's just how winamp was programmed) this doesn't occur on skins with sliders.

Q: Why does the position bar float over the skin?
A: The size and position of the position bar cannot be changed; it's the same on all winamp 2 skins. (There would be no room on it for a separate one anyway)

Q: Why aren't there any screws on the playlist like the rest of the skin?
A: The playlist has very limited design space and is made up of repeated squares (because it can be resized) There isn't any room.

Q: When I load the skin on winamp 3 the top half of the volume and balance knobs appear slightly out of place.
A: This is a bug in winamp 3. It will do this to all Winamp 2 skins you load on it  (it's just more noticeable on mine). The bug will probably be fixed in a future release of Winamp 3.

Q: The font size in the playlist does not match the size in the main window.
A: It cannot be changed.
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